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Skin Needling

What is Skin Needling?
Skin needling, also known as collagen induction therapy is the go-to treatment for facial rejuvenation. This highly effective treatment is ideal for many skin concerns such as uneven skin tone, poor complexion, hormonal pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, pitted scars, and acne scars. The process works by creating micro-channels in the skin with our sterile needling device, by doing this we are stimulating the healing response of your skin cells that encourages your skin to create collagen, also to allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver vital ingredients to where they are needed most for optimal skin function, this amazing treatment is backed by excellent scientific data and clinical research but the results speak for themselves.

What is included?
After preparing the skin by cleansing and disinfecting, a sterile disposable device is then used to vertically penetrate the skin with microneedles that are 0.25mm to 2.5mm in length. The device’s speed and depth is adjusted depending on the skin concerns being treated. Treatment takes approximately 20 minutes per area and feels like a prickly vibration on the skin. During treatment, a topical Hyaluronic acid is infused to boost your skins hydration results and aid in the wound healing process. The treatment will complete with a post needling clean and occlusive balm applied.
* The use of numbing cream is optional with this treatment (advised for treating scarring). If you want numbing cream applied for these treatments you must purchase your own script from Tugan Compounding Pharmacy and apply 40min prior to your appointment. Click here to order numbing cream

What does the treatment cost?

$190 Full face – Treatment time 45min
$250 Face, Neck & Décolletage – Treatment time 60min

Treatment add-on options:

LED Therapy – $40
LED Light therapy is a gentle and natural way to rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve hydration and stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin. Enjoy a relaxing head massage while the LED light warms and rejuvenates.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Skin needling can be safely performed on all skin types (fair to darker) and is even suitable for sensitive or thin-skinned clients. 
Skin needling is not suitable for those who have been on Roaccutane in the last 6 months, have cystic acne, open wounds, infections, psoriasis or dermatitis in the area to be treated, have uncontrolled diabetes, are pregnant or breastfeeding (pregnant and nursing women may still have the needling treatment without the topical anaesthetic applied), or who are prone to keloid scarring or other abnormal wound healing. Olive and darker skinned clients are required to prep prior to treatment using our recommended tyrosinase inhibiting serum for 2 weeks prior to having a dermapen treatment performed. Smokers should be aware that smoking compromises the body’s ability to grow new collagen.

Post Care Information


Post treatment your skin will have a feeling of tightness and a “sunburnt” look is usually apparent, a mild swelling may also occur subsiding over the next 24 hours. Slight redness may last 1-3 days but can be covered with mineral make up. We advise that you use only gentle products for the days following your procedure and apply sunscreen regularly. Hot baths, showers and saunas should be avoided for at least 3-5 days. Mild skin shedding can occur for some, mostly in the areas of high movement (e.g around the mouth)

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