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Lash & Brow Exclusive can help take your lashes to new heights with our professional eyelash lift on the Gold Coast. We work with what you already have to give you a long-lasting, safe and natural curve to even the most stubborn straight lashes.

eyelash lift gold coast

Recent Eyelash Lift Makeovers

Natural Lash Treatments

Lash Lift Botox + Tint | 1hr | $120

Lash botox is the new generation lash lift. It features a more extreme lifted result. The ‘botox’ (not to be confused with injectables Botox) helps add volume and length to your lashes while also helping to repair damaged lashes. The treatment is highly concentrated with healthy ingredients consisting of Vitamin C, argan oil, peptides with a blend of nutrients and minerals and much more.
The Lash botox is vegan, cruelty free and also free from ammonia, paraben and silicon.

Lash Lift Original + Tint| 45min | $110

Show off what you naturally have! This wonder treatment is an instant root lift for natural lashes, guaranteed to freshen your eyes appearance and give you back that youthful glow. The lashes are curled upwards towards the brow line and have the appearance of strong curvature with length to match. Even incredibly short lashes can be lifted. It’s perfect for clients who don’t like the maintenance factor of eyelash extensions or who have allergies. The treatment includes a tint and nourishing oil treatment.

Lash Tint | 15min | $30

No sting promise! We’re experts in applying your custom lash tint to ensure no discomfort during the application and no dreaded ‘panda eyes’ afterwards. Results last 10-14 days

Premium Lash Dye | 15min | $40

Still with a no sting promise the Lash Dye is a stronger pigmented colouring solution that can deeply colour even the most stubborn grey/white hairs. Results last 2-4 weeks

Lash Growth Serum | 6 Month Supply

Aka – our ‘miracle in a bottle’. Grow your natural lashes to lengths you never thought possible. Apply once daily for new stimulated growth that will give you long, strong and thick natural lashes. Purchase from in-studio only.

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What’s So Great About A Lash Lift And Tint?

Put More Time Back In Your Day

Wouldn’t it be great to roll out of bed with perfectly curled lashes every morning? With lash lifts, you can. Cut down on the time you’d take to do your lashes and save money on unnecessary beauty products.

Long-Lasting Natural Curl

Throw away the lash curlers! Lash lifts give your natural lashes a wondrously curved look that typically lasts around 4-6 weeks.

Packed With Antioxidants

Lash lifts and tints don’t just make you look amazing, they’re good for your lashes, too! Our formulas are packed full of the kind of antioxidants your lashes crave for healthy growth and strength.


Wear Less Make-Up

With lashes this divine, we predict you’ll be reaching for the make-up less and less. Lash lifts and tints will give you the lift and colour you need without so much as a swipe of mascara.


Be More Confident

Beautifully dark and curled lashes open and define the eyes to enhance your natural beauty, no matter what your age.

Eyelash Lift And Tint Gold Coast

Our friendly and highly qualified lash stylists offer professional, safe and effective eyelash lift on the Gold Coast. Make a booking with us today for a virtual or in-salon consultation and discover what we can do for you.

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