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Eyebrow Shaping

Are you in need of an eyebrow wax on the Gold Coast? The perfect set of natural brows make a statement and infuse your expression with vitality and fresh energy. When brows are shaped with complete care and precision, they heighten your natural beauty.

At Lash & Brow Exclusive, we’re specialists in brow restoration, making a basic brow wax into a thing of the past.

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Natural Brow Treatments

Brow Design With Wax
New client | 30min | $50
Existing client | 15min | $40

Create and maintain your perfect brow shape without the addition of any hair colour. Your brows will be beautifully and expertly waxed to suit your face and finished off with a light make-up application if desired.

Tweeze & Style
New client | 30min | $55
Existing client | 15min | $45

For anyone on Roaccutane or who suffers from sensitivity to waxing. Your brows will be gently defined using precision tweezing and finished with an optional make-up application.

The Mini Brow | 15min | $35

Introduce your daughter to the world of beautiful, natural brows. We include a skin assessment and a touch of wax or tweezing for shaping. Brows will be tidied but kept full and youthful to highlight her beautiful features.

Available for ages 13-15

His Brows | 15min | $45

For the men who care about their appearance! We’ll wax the area between the brows and the hairs too close to the eye will be removed. We’ll finish with a brow trim for a fresh, clean and masculine look. The amount of shaping will be tailored to your request.

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What Are The Benefits Of Waxing And Shaping Brows?


Define Brows

An eyebrow wax helps you to achieve the exact shape of eyebrow you want and maintain the shape for longer. Waxing allows us to quickly and precisely remove hair and create brows that perfectly compliment your face shape.


Low Maintenance

Unruly brows are no longer a problem with eyebrow waxing. You can have clean, tidy, natural brows every day that will save you time and money.

Improve Self-Confidence

Defined eyebrows can help frame your entire face and boost your overall appearance. You’ll look and feel your best every day with nicely balanced, arched brows that give you that fresh, youthful radiance.

Slow Regrowth

One of the biggest benefits of waxing brows is the ability to drastically slow the regrowth of new hairs. Waxing pulls hair from the root which means it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Another bonus is that waxed hair tends to grow back softer and finer than before so you’ll need less brow waxing appointments to maintain them.

Professional Shaping

You can relax knowing your eyebrows are in good hands with us. Our professional beauty styling team are brow experts and excel in waxing and shaping eyebrows for clients of all ages.

Eyebrow Shaping Gold Coast

Whip your brows into shape with our professional eyebrow wax on the Gold Coast. Be pampered by our beauticians while we give your brows the luxury treatment and sculpt them into the perfect look for your face. Book an in-person or virtual consultation today to discuss your brow shaping needs with our specialists.

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